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TRANSMIL, S.A. (hereon TRANSMIL or the provider) is in compliance with the requirements established by Act 34/2002, dated 11th of July, of Electronic Commerce and Information Services, and EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and, dated 27 the of April 2016, as regards the protection of physical persons in relation to the treatment of personal data and free circulation of the same; this warning has been created for the mentioned purposes.

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20018 Donostia-San Sebastián, España
VAT: A20078523
Registered at the Gipuzkoa Mercantile Register, Tomo 1080, Folio 40, Hoja SS-1827


This webpage aims to provide information regarding the activities and services provided by TRANSMIL.

Access to the webpage implies the attribute of user, as well as complete acceptance without reserve of each and every condition established herein, and it this thus recommended that the present legal warning is read every time this webpage is accessed as the conditions herein my vary.

TRANSMIL reserves the right to improve, modify or delete, in unilateral manner and with prior warning, the Service and/or contents of the this webpage. TRANSMIL shall not be accountable for any damage or harm caused to other parties by the said contents or their veracity, nor for the contents accessed indirectly through other links to other webpages. Those in charge of the webpage shall not be accountable for any of the external links which may be included in the present webpage.


Generally, the services and contents provided by the present website will be available in Spanish and English without prejudice to the use of other languages at the discretion of TRANSMIL. The provider shall not be accountable for the non-comprehension by the user of the language of the website, nor for its consequences.

TRANSMIL reserves the right to carry out, freely and without prior warning, the necessary modifications of the present webpage, and change, delete or add contents and services as well as the manner in which these are presented, and shall not be accountable for the consequences these may have on the users.


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The designe, logos, texts and/or graphics foreign to TRANSMIL, and that may appear in the website, belong to their respective owners. These owners shall be accountable for any controversy that may arise regarding the same.

TRANSMIL shall not be accountable for the harm or damages that may be caused by the use of the contents, or the infringement of any existing legal dispositions by part of the persons who access the present website.


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More information and options of configuration changes in Cookie Policies.


The users accessing the present website will do so according to the corresponding Act, and will be obliged at all times not to access the site or its contents in a manner contrary to what is established and/or with illicit and harmful purposes or third party rights, and that may harm, deteriorate, saturate or slow down the web in prejudice of TRANSMIL or third party users. TRANSMIL may hold users accountable for causing damage or prejudiced to third parties by the incorrect use of the website.

TRANSMIL se exime de cualquier tipo de responsabilidad derivada de la información publicada en el presente sitio web, siempre que esta información haya sido manipulada o introducida por un tercero ajeno al mismo.

In any case, TRANSMIL manifests that it will immediately proceed to remove any content that may contravene the national and international legislation public order or moral, and in such case will immediately remove the redirection to that website, duly informing the corresponding authorities regarding the said content. In case the user considers that the present website includes any content that may contravene the national or international legislation, public order or moral, they are requested to immediately inform the owner of the website.

This website has been revised and checked for its correct functioning. In principle, the correct functioning can be guaranteed throughout the 365 days of the year and 24 hours a day. However, TRASMIL cannot dismiss any possible programming errors or problems that may arise from forde majeure, which make it impossible to access the present webpage.


Full accountability with respect to the contents and/or services that minors Access will be that of the persons under whose care the minors are.


The servers of the present website may automatically detect the IP address and domain name used by the user. An IP address is a number which is automatically assigned to a computer when this is connected to Internet. This information is registered in server activity file that allows the later processing of data with the aim to obtain statistical measurements that allow the gathering of data on the number of page printings, visits, order of visits, points of access and so forth.


TRANSMIL reserves the right to remove any link as soon as they have knowledge of illicit contents or damage to third party rights or assets caused by these.

It shall not be accountable for the reliability or speed of the hyperlinks added to the website for the opening of others, and does not guarantee the utility of these links neither it shall be accountable for the contents or services accessed by the users by means of these links, nor for the correct functioning of these.


The website uses information security techniques generally accepted by the industry, such as firewalls, access control procedures and cryptographic mechanisms with the aim to avoid non authorised access to the data.

Furthermore, TRANSMIL has adopted the necessary technical and organisational measures in order to guarantee the security and integrity of personal data, as well as to avoid the loss or alteration of the same and/or Access by non-authorised parties.